Place name Origin & meaning Source
Hacking IslandName given by Lt Shortland to Nobbys in 1797 as they passed it looking for escaped convicts. Callen,T:Bar Safe.
Haigh Circuit (Tanilba Bay)World War 1 Tanilba Bay - Streets folder
Hakea Drive (MUswellbrook)Native flora. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
Halifax Park.Named in memory of the W.W.2 aeroplane of the same name, situated in the vacinity and established by Geoffrey Wikner in 1947. Map Reference Key Sheet ( Place Names Folder).
Hall Street (Merewether)A.F. Hall was an engineer and surveyor employed by the Merewethers. C.E. Smith Dec 1966.
halliday's pointNamed after a director of the A.A.Co Pemberoton,P: Pure Merinos p 111
Halls HillThe steep hill near the junction of the Dungog and Gloucester Roads named after Chas Hall, the former stock superintendant, while the flats below bears his name also. Chadban,J: Stroud and the A.A.Co.
HamiltonAfter Edward Terrick Hamilton, Governor of the Australian Agricultural Company 1856 - 1898. Social Sciences Teacher Vol13.no5.30.11.1983
Hamilton Road (Hamilton)That portion of Denison Street between Gordon Avenue to Hunter Street. NCC Planning Department.
Hampden Avenue (New lambton)Earlier name for Kings Road between St James Road and Cross Street. Gov Gaz No 32 Folio 4607 15.09.1939.
HamptonPlanned development of land at Argenton - Sulphide Junction area that never eventuated. NMH 18.04.1967.
HanburyEarly name for Waratah. In 1863 Thomas Grove subdivided a 60-acre block, and called the subdivision Hanbury, after his birthplace in Staffordshire, England. The area was bounded by the present Turton Rd, Platt, Bridge and High Streets. NMH 24.12. 1953.
Hanbury Street (Mayfield)Probably originated due to the efforts of Thomas Grove to have the Waratah area renamed Hanbury. NSun 13.09.1950.
Hannah BayEarly name for Anna Bay. Centennary Anna Bay Public School 1879 -1979.
Happy FlatArea of Hamilton consisting of Steel Street to Turner Street. NMH 20.10.1956.
Hargrave Street (Carrington)After John Fletcher Hargrave Supreme Court Judge for N.S.W. 1865 -1881. Carrington Folder - Streets.
Harker Oval (New Lambton)In honour of Dr. A.E.Harker, a medical man who became an honorary medical officer at both the Wallsend and Mater Hospitals and treated many sporting injuries. NMH 06.11.1980.
Harle Street (Cooks Hill)After former employee of the A.A.Co in Australia. Archives of Business and Labour ANU.
Harold Myers Park (Birmingham Gardens)Named after Ald. Harold Myers who was killed in a car accident whilst an alderman NMH 04.07.1962 p. 2
Harris Street (Wallsend)After William Harris, one of the first alderman of Wallsend, 1874. Mayor, 1908. Wallsend Public School Centenary 1862 - 1962.
Harris Street (Waratah)From William Harris, a postmaster at Waratah. Waratah Public School Cent. Book.
Harrison Street (Cardiff)After Margaret McNamara, to commemorate her married surname. Western Extra March 1979.
Harry Ford Reserve (Cardiff)Bounded by Macquarie and Main Roads and Kelton Street, Cardiff after an early resident and busines man . NMH 05.08.1971
Hartley Point ( Lake Macquarie)Named after the Hartley Mine that operated in the area. Lake Macquarie Herald 26.11.1970.
Hartley StreetFormer name of Newcastle Road, Jesmond (renamed Newcastle Rd in 1959), that portion between Steel St to Young Road. Newspaper cutting, not titled and undated
Harwood Street (Little Beach)To record the name of the Captain of the "Achilles" in the Battle of the River Plate in 1939. Port Stephens Examiner 26.04.1989
Hasluck Street (Rankin Park)After the then present Governor General of Australia. Lake Macquarie & District Historical Society feb 1970.
Hastings Street (Muswellbrook)A river along central north coast of N.S.W. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
Hawks NestNamed after Baron Hawke, friend of Capt Cook. NMH 24.12. 1995
Hawks Nest 2.Named because apparently a large tree near the former hotel was a favourite nesting place for hawks and was used as a navigational marker. Map Reference Key Sheet ( Place Names Folder).
Hawthorne Street ( Beresfield)Allegedly named so that subdivider's children wouldn't forget their English literature/science or alphabet D. Smith, Hawthorne Street Beresfield
Haydon Street (Muswellbrook)After Haydon family - Tom, Manager of M.Campbell & Co and also Colin and Hunter, bus proprietors Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
Haydonton (Murrurundi)Private town established across the Page River from the government town of Murrurundi by the Haydon family. NMH 19.12.1981.
Hayes Road (Millfield)Named after Michael Hayes, selector of the 1860's who, from his vineyard carted grapes across Mount View to Pokolbin. Historical Tours in Greater Cessnock.
HeatonNamed by Frederick Goulden after a town in County Durham, England bearing in mind the relationship of Newcastle, Jesmond, Hexham and Wallsend. E.Perrett .
HeatonArea bounded by Janet Street, Blue Gum Road, Hugo Avenue and William Streets, Jesmond Robinson's Map of Newcastle LHC912.9442/1
Heaton Street ( Jesmond)After the County of Durham, North England near Newcastle-on-Tyne. Ella Perrett.
Heaton's GapOtherwise known as Brunkerville Gap or simply "The Gap". An important pass being the saddle between the Watagan Mountains and the Awaba Forests. Tumblebee No 1 Feb 1997 p 5
Heaton's Lookout (Watagans)Named because the small township of Heaton on the Cooranbong Road could be seen plainly from here. NMH 15.02.1973.
HeatonvilleA one-time timber getting settlement just south of The Gap, now officially known as Freeman's Waterholes. Tumblebee No1 Feb 1997 p6.
HebburnAfter a suburb of Newcastle-upon-Tyne NMH 1112. 1954
Hebburn Street (Hamilton)After A.A.Co connections within Australia. Archives of Business and Labour ANU.
heddon gretaVillage founded after the nearby coal mine. Established in 1902. Pioneer Days no 3 p 91
Helen Street (Merewether)After Helen Merewether Newcastle - Streets folder
Helen Street (Mount Hutton)Named after Mr Tennant's daughter Helen.Mr Tennant was a lorry driver who provided a service from Charlestown to Mount Hutton and later owned the poultry fam in the area. Mt Hutton Public School:History of Mt Hutton .
Henderson Park (Lemon Tree Passage)After Mr Bernie Henderson, an active community worker in the district. Port Stephens Examiner 14.03.1983.
Henderson Park (Merewether)Named after William Henderson, mayor of Merewether when the park was established. Official Jubilee Programme Muncipality of Merewether.
Henderson's PointThe official name on Government maps for Nords Wharf. Possibly after Mr Tom Henderson who owned the land and subdivided the area for development. Lake Macquarie Herald 30.12.1970.
Henry Park (Hamilton)Named after Prince Henry - Duke of Gloucester who visited Newcastle in 1946 Parks MDS A/C:NPMD - 04/01/1988
Henry Street (Adamstown)Named after Henry Bryant. Adamstown Public School Centenary Booklet 1877 -1977
Henry Street (Mayfield)That portion of Tarin Street from Maitland Road to Mounter Street. NCC Planning Department.
Henry Street (Merewether)After members of the Merewether family. Dixon,J: History of Merewether.
Henry Street Reserve (Merewether)Henry Alfred Mitchell Merewether was the fourth son of E. C. Merewether. Henry was also the first name of Merewether's father & eldest son. "Some street names of Merewether" C.E. Smith p. 3
Henson Drive (Tomago)In honour of Mr J.B.Henson, the first engineer of Hunter District Water Board. N Sun 24.09.1965.
Herbert Street (Merewether)After members of the Merewether family. Dixon,J: History of Merewether.
Hermitage Place (Muswellbrook)Wine industry theme. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
HettonNow part of the suburb of Carrington, but prior to 1915 the area around the coalmine was known by this name, called after an English town. NMH 05.08.1950
Hexagon Circuit (Tanilba Bay)World War 1 Tanilba Bay - Streets folder
HexhamAfter a town in the north of England. Social Sciences Teacher Vol13.no5.30.11.1983
Hickson Street (Merewether)After Georgina Frances Sophia Hickson who married into the Merewether family. Portion of LLewellyn Street between Railway and Morgan Streets. C.E.Smith Dec 1966.
Hickson Street Reserve (Merewether)Georgina Sophia Frances Hickson married the eldest son of E.C.M. Died in 1964 Parks MDS A/C:NPMD - 04.01.1988
High Street (Mayfield)Highfield Street from Kerr to Section Streets. NCC Planning Department.
High Street (Newcastle)Early name for Watt Street. Souvenir of Civic Week, 1929
HighgateOne of three estates developed by Bonarius in the Barnsley area. Named after suburbs in his native home Yorkshire. NMH 28.03.1968
Highland EstateArea of Mayfield bounded by Tourle Street, Bull and Gamack Streets. 2nd Highland Estate bounded by Kerr, Bull including Charles and Barton Streets. Local Studies Research File.
Hill (Merewether)As it ran to the top of " The Ridge" hill. Dixon,J: History of Merewether.
Hill 60The area where Kurri Kurri High School is named after Gallilopi battle scene in 1915 Tumblebee No 10. June 1999 p 42
Hill Street (Carrington)After E.P.Hill an Alderman of the Council in 1929. Carrington Folder - Streets.
Hill Street (Lambton)Named in memory of Dr J.J. Hill, a member of Lambton Public School Board . That portion of Wall Lane between George and Pilkington Streets. Lambton Public School Centenary Brochure.
Hill Street (Muswellbrook)Probably because the street runs from the Hunter River over Hospital Hill to the cemetery. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
Hill Street (Wallsend)After John Hill, Mayor of Plattsburg, 1900. Wallsend Public School Centenary 1862 - 1962.
Hill Street Park (Lambton)Named after Dr. J.J. Hill, member of Lambton Public School Board & responsible for the establishment of Hillsbourough School in 1877 "Lambton Public School Centenary Celebrations Souvenir Brochure"
Hillcrest Road (Merewether)After Hillcrest Hospital formerly "The Ridge" the residence of the Merewether family. NMH 02.09.1967.
HillsboroughNamed by owner of original subdivision, Dr. J. J. Hill Lake Macquarie Past & Present.
HillsboroughAn area around Maitland across the river from Gosforth named after an early property of the same name. Barden,P: Hard Work Wont Hurt
HintonUntil the late 1830's location was known as " second fork in the river" and the name was proposed by the surveyor- general after receiving petitions from the then residents to be granted a post office. H. Boyle NMH 30.10.1975.
Hirst Street (Jesmond)Former name for Cameron Street. Gov Gaz 14.11.1969.
Hirst Street (Wallsend)Portion of Cameron Street between Blue Gum Road to the Railway line. Gov Gaz No 117 Folio 2035 19.06.1953.
Holdsworth Avenue (Muswellbrook)For a family who sent seven sons to World War II, two of whom gave the supreme sacrifice. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
HollywoodName given to an area of bushland south of the intersection of Bllue Gum and Newcastle Roads, Jesmond. The sight of unemployment camp in the depression. NMH 20.08.1958
HolmesvilleAfter a resident, a miner called Joseph Holmes. Lake Macquarie Past & Present.
HomevillePrevious name for Telarah. NMH 12.07.1950
Honeysuckle Lane (Newcastle)Named because of all the land abutting on the foreshore was covered with honeysuckle Newcastle - Streets folder
Honeysuckle PointName given to the area adjacent to Newcastle Harbour due to the fact that the native plant growing there looked like a Honeysuckle flower. Later removed to make way for the construction of Lee Wharf.
Hooke Street (Dungog)Named after early grantees in the region. Bennett,C: History of Dungog,Chichester & Wangat.
Hooker Avenue ( Cooks Hill)After a resident who acquired the land from a Catholic Bishop and built 2 of the 3 houses in the lane. His son built the other property. Common usage referred to it as Hooker's Avenue. NMH 09.09.1961.
Hopkins Street (Merewether)After J.T.Hopkins, an early resident in that street. Dixon,J: History of Merewether.
Horseshoe Beach (Newcastle)Beach created by a wave trap wall built from Queens Wharf to Lighthouse Reef and Shipwreck walk. NHDHS: Ports and People
Horssman Drive (Thornton)After the man who redesigned Paris. Lower Hunter News Pictorial 23.10.1974.
Hospital Road (Wallsend)Former name for Longworth Avenue. Giv Gaz No 32 24.02.1939.
Houghton-le-SpringAn early subdivision of Waratah by James Roe near the terminus, called after his native place in County Durham. NHDHS Journal Vol 7 p 38.
Howden Street (Carrington)Carrington - formerly Vulcan Street Carrington - Streets folder
Howe Park (Singleton)Officially opened 20.06.1887 on land purchased from J.K.Howe's "Redbournberry" Estate and originally had a racetrack. Singleton Municipality & Shire 1866 - 1991.
Howe Street (Lambton)Named either in honour of the Earl of Howe(prominent at the time), or John Howe, a well known explorer and pastoralist of the Hunter Valley. Lambton Public School Centenary Brochure.
Howe's RoadStretched from Windsor overland through Putty and Bulga to Singleton and down the Hunter River to Maitland. Also known as the Putty Road. Hanna,C: Bandits on the Great North Road.
Howe's ValleyAfter John Howe, member of Singleton's party who discovered Patrick's Plains 17.3. 1820 NMH 11.12. 1954
Howley's JunctionName for area near the Junction so named due to the fact that the Howley Brothers who owned the Hillside Mine and the Coffee Pot Railway in The Junction and Merewether area early this century. NH 25.06.1985.
Hudson Park (Adamstown Heights)Named after William Hudson - builder Parks MDS A/C:NPMD - 04.01.1988
Hugh Street (Merewether)After Hugh Hamilton Mitchell Merewether. C.E.Smith Dec 1966.
Hughes Street (Waratah)From E.Hughes, Alderman Waratah Council, 1920. Waratah Public School Cent. Book.
Humphries Street (Muswellbrook)Alderman J.C.Humphries, Mayor 1927 - 1931. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
Hunter Drive (Rankin Park)Past President of Lake Macquarie Shire. Lake Macquarie & District Historical Society feb 1970.
Hunter Region Botanic GardensSite at Tomago approved 1985 to finally establish a regional Botanic Gardens in an accessible site for the whole valley. Previously there had been proposals at Mayfield, Jesmond and others. Post 08.06.1988.
Hunter RiverNamed by Lt John Shortland after John Hunter, second Governor of N.S.W. Social Sciences Teacher Vol13no5 30.11.1983
Hunter Street ( R.Terrace)At the time of village formation, the water frontage was a public wharf. Hunter Street was named sometime later. Hunter,C: History and Heritage.
Hunter Street (Maitland)After Capt John Hunter, who was governor of N.S.W. MM 19.11.1964.
Hunter Street (Merewether)After Robert Hunter, an early resident who lived between Livingstone and Watkins Streets. Early name for Buchanan Street between Watkins Rd to Kilgour Avenue. Dixon,J: History of Merewether.
Hunter Street (Muswellbrook)Overlooks the Hunter River flats. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
Hunter Street (Newcastle)After Governor Hunter, Governor of NSW NMH 24.12.1976
Hunter Street (Stockton)In reference to the Hunter River that separates Stockton from the mainland. NMH 25.03.1978.
Hunter Street Reserve (Stockton)Named after Governor Hunter "City of Newcastle" 1929
Hunter Terrace (Muswellbrook)Built along a terrace of the Hunter River. Muswellbrook Chronicle 28.01.1983.
HuthfieldName used by early settlers for area near Sugarloaf, about 15 miles from Maitland. Never officially adopted. Tumblebee No 10. June 1999 p 35-38